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Eco Design Ready – What is it all about?

We have still had the odd questions from our customers regarding the changes in 2022.

Here is a quick guide to help you along the way to choosing your fire or using your existing stove.

The SIA is one such body of manufacturers issuing a badge for to show their stoves are Eco Design ready. Some manufacturers will use their own Eco Design ready badges always check the brochure.

Do I have to stop using my woodburning stove after 2022?

No, if the stove was installed to the current regulations that the day the install was carried out, you won't have to change your stove unless a re-installation is needed should the stove not be eco design ready.

What is an Eco Design Ready stove?

Eco Design Ready stoves have been tested to the new 2022 standards to ensure that the emission produced are at or bellow the required standard.

Can I convert my existing stove into an Eco Design Ready Stove?

You will need to check with the manufacturer of the stove as not all stoves will be convertible. The Ecco Stove masonry heaters for example only need the baffle changed to upgrade your stove however other stoves may require more significant alteration.

Are there many Eco Design Ready Stoves available?

Yes, there is already a huge range of stove available with more set to pass the standards over the next year or so and more new stoves in development. You can speak to our customer service team to help find the right stove for you.

If my stove needs repair work after 2022 and is not Eco Design ready will it need replacing?

Always check with the engineer at the time, however providing the stove is not disconnected from the flue system parts can be replaced and the stove put back into service.

If you have more questions about the Eco Design 2022 process or would like to order or get an installation quote for a new stove call our team today.

Please note: With any woodburning or multifuel stove the installation should be carried out by a competent, trained engineer such as a Hetas, Oftec or similar certification for wood burning stove installations. If you are unsure whether your stove was installed correctly ask your installer for a certificate which can also be checked with the relevant certification body.


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