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With flickering flames and a similar heat output to that of a real log or coal fire but without the inconvenience, you cannot beat a living gas flame.

Aside from bringing a cosy feel to the house, they have impressive heat outputs and are cheaper to run than electric stoves, also they do not have a fan so you can sit back and relax without any noise.

There are added benefits also, like the ability to keep the room warm in case of a boiler breakdown and also in situations when there would be a power cut.

Gas fires available from our showrooms in Studley, Warwickshire and Charlbury, Oxfordshire.

Speak to our customer service team today to find out more about our special offers. 

Gazco Riva 2 750HL with Grafton Surround

Designed to fit into standard 36” chimney openings, the Gazco Riva2 750HL is a high efficiency gas fire that features a non-reflective glass front for a flawless open-fire appearance, allowing homeowners to have a crystal clear view of the rolling flames. With no additional flue liner required when installed into an existing masonry chimney, this gas fire is a time and money saving option for many homeowners.

Prices from £5289.00 (depending on options)

Speak to our team about special offers.

Gazco Logic HE

In the 1920s and 1930s the Arts movement combined art and technology to bring aesthetic appeal to any object in daily use. This evocative style is still influencing contemporary design.

Adhering to the movement’s original concept, Gazco’s Arts gas fire, echoes the style of the era whilst incorporating the latest inset gas fire innovations. It is available in the popular 16″ width as well as being offered with a wide choice of front and frame finishes.

Prices from around £905.00 (depending on options)

Speak to our team about special offers and options.

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