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Give your chainsaw more bite with a Portek Chainmaster Sharpener!

Get the best out of your chainsaw with this semi-professional chainsaw sharpener.


The Maxi Chainmaster sharpener MK2 is designed for the frequent and professional user and is fast and easy to use.

  •   Suitable for all makes and sizes of chain
  •   Adjustable 0 – 35° cutting angle
  •   Replaceable grinding wheels: 4.5mm/3.2mm
  •   Motor: 240v, 85W, 5300rpm

The Portek QuikSplit is the fastest log-splitter on the market!

The QuikSplit (Part No: 099) is a super fast, powerful and portable machine, with a build quality you expect from Portek.

With a convenient handle, strong chassis and wheels, the QuikSplit can easily be positioned on any flat ground, ready to start work. Two large spinning flywheels, powered by a 1.5kw electric motor, drive the powerful ram with a force of 7 tonnes. The machine uses kinetic energy to hit your logs with high impact; cutting them quickly and safely.

For the release mechanism, 2 hands are needed. One to engage the drive mechanism, the other to release the ram. The ram springs back in no time at all, ready for the next log. The heavy duty steel guards ensures you are safe from the mechanics – and the safety switch is located next to the handles, for extra fast stopping if required.


High quality hickory shaft, gives the user a comfortable grip while the extra-long (900mm) hardwood handle offers superb control. Its perfect balance and weight distribution makes easy work of log-splitting. The drop forged, hardened steel head provides strength and durability. Axe blades are supplied with plastic safety blade guards.

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