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Do you have next seasons fuel ready for your stove yet?

Getting wood ready for your multi fuel stove/ woodburning stoves

Now is the time to think about stocking up with logs for the coming heating season.

For many years it was difficult to get a supply of really well seasoned logs to burn on your wood burning stove or open fire, now it is easy. You can just pick up the phone and order a crate from us here at The Heat Store Ltd

1. Due to the nature of their business, you do not always know what type of wood that you are going to get. Some woods burn much better than others (See our poem about lofs on our fuel page)

2. The logs are normally sold as unseasoned, so you would need to stack and season them for 1-2 years depending upon the species of tree that the logs came from. 3. The logs would come as a loose load that you would need to move from where they were dropped, to where you are going to season them.

The pros :-

1. The logs can be well priced.

2. The logs will be relatively local to you so the carbon footprint will be small.

Alternatively you could spend a little more money and buy kiln dried logs. There are a number of suppliers in the UK who supply kiln dried logs

We also sell crates of kiln dried logs ours are 1.38 cubic metre crates of silver birch logs, with an average moisture content of about 14%(going by last years load). I can honestly say, as a true pyromaniac that our kiln dried logs are the best I have ever seen. They produce loads of heat, give a lovely bright flame pattern and are so dry that you can almost light them off a match.

Kiln dried logs are more expensive than un-seasoned, we sell a large stacked crate of kiln dried logs, these cost more however you know what you are getting.

One thing to bear in mind when buying kiln dried logs is that the bulk bags are loose filled and contain less logs than a crate of the same size as the crates are tightly packed.

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