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Spring is rumoured to be arriving soon so it’s time to get your chimney swept and to service your log wood burning or multi fuel stove ready for the next bout of cold weather.

At the end of the heating season, not only should you have the chimney swept, your should give your stove its annual service. Your service sh

ould include stripping, inspecting and cleaning the appliance.

Your installation instructions will guide you on how to take parts out of your stove and put them back once cleaned.

  • Remove all the following internal parts – baffle, firebricks, grate and ashpan. Take care handling the bricks as they can become fragile after a period of use.

  • Vacuum any remaining ash and debris from inside the appliance (Stovax offer a filter/collection attachment for vacuum cleaners using dust bags – Ashclean).

  • Clean the internal surfaces using a wire brush and scraper as required. Vacuum and resulting debris.

  • Clean the grate and any grate parts with a wire brush and check for any damage, replace any damaged parts.

  • Clean the firebricks with a soft brush, check the bricks and although some surface wear and tear will occur with use, damaged or broken bricks should be replaced.

  • Re-fit all cleaned internal parts and replacement parts.

  • Remove the glass from the door and discard old or worn rope seal.

  • Clean old glue from the groove which held the rope seal.

  • Replace the rope seal, gluing into place with a thermic seal adhesive, and re-fit the glass.

  • Lightly oil the door catch mechanism and hinge pins.

  • To refresh the exterior look of your stove or fire, aerosol paint or colloidal black cleaner is available for most painted finishes. Enamelled surfaces should only be cleaned with a lightly dampened, soft cloth only.

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